Tournament round #2!

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Ok, sorry for the delay on this update, things got a bit hectic after the tournament!

So recap for round #2, still not the round I was hoping for but definitely better. 9 shots better in fact. I made it my goal to focus externally on the target and tempo. I must say, this was incredibly difficult to do and trust for every shot. There were definitely some shots where I would setup with my intention to focus only on the target and I would start to swing back and immediately my mind would go internally to how my backswing felt. This again was a great reminder that if I want to focus on certain things in a tournament I need to practice with that focus. And that if my preparation is only thinking technically, this is going to be very difficult to all of a sudden be able to switch in competition. Despite not hitting the ball very well, I was able to play the game better by continuing to try and focus on targets. This helped to make my misses smaller, and my gameplan smarter. I was able to keep the big numbers down by sticking to this external thought process as I was paying attention to what I wanted to do and where I wanted the ball to go. I found that in round #1, if I had a miss, and continued to just focus technically and try and hit a position that this actually made the next shot worse and I compounded the miss and would take a big number.

So there are a few lessons learned that I am going to take away and incorporate into my preparation for my next tournament.

1) Preparation leading up to BC amateur will be on external targets and feeling my tempo in my golf swing. I am going to practice the way I want to play in competition.

2) Stick to this plan! I have a tendency to start trying to change things right before a tournament.

3) Supplement this external focus thought process on the course with off-course mental prep. Using tools such as imagery, scenario prep and self-talk at home. I will talk about the incorporation of these tools as part of my mental training plan in preparation for the next tournament in my next blog post!

Stay tuned!

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